Diplomatic Relations Mexico-Iran Print

The first diplomatic contacts between Mexico and Iran took place in 1889. Former name of Iran Persia, credited in the face of Mexican government to their diplomatic representation in Washington, D.C., Eshag Jan Mafjamodolah. Mexico designated as representative to the Persian government Sebastian Bernardo de Mier, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary resident in London. The first agreement of friendly relationship, established the lines of cooperation and interchange between two friend nations was signed on 24th of March in 1937.

The first Embassy of Mexico in Tehran, was opened in 1964, remained in office till 1979 when the decision was made to close the Embassy temporarily but kept the diplomatic relations.

However the closure of the Mexican Embassy, Iran maintained to representation Ambassador to Mexico, but only at the level of charge d'affaires. In June 1990 again credited a resident ambassador. Meanwhile, Mexico reopened their embassy in Tehran in 1992, beginning a new progress of approach and collaboration between two nations. This year and next year succeeded the respective visits of Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico to Tehran and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran to the Mexico.



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