Ambassador Melba Pria has two Bachelor’s Degrees in Sociology and International Relations from the National University of Mexico (UNAM), two Masters degrees in Public policy and International Studies from the Technological Institute of Superior Studies (TEC) and JFK school of Government in Harvard. She has other studies in strategic planning and national security from INAP.

She speaks several languages and has studied in Germany, England and the United States. Is author of various books and lectures.

A professional public servant she has worked at the Mexican Social Security Institute, as editor (Publications Department) and as Chief of Cultural Promotion. Planning and delivering programs that directly benefited working and marginalized population in urban and semi-rural zones.

She was Vice President for Development and Communication of Mexicana de Aviación the national airline coordinating business actions in the field of communication and image.

She headed the Special Delegation of the Ministry of Public Education’s in Chiapas for five years.  During that time, she promoted interdisciplinary programs for the state’s indigenous children, which contributed to an improvement in the instruction levels.

She was Head (State Minister) of the National Indigenist Institute and was elected Vice President of the Latin American and Caribbean Indigenous People’s Development Fund where she worked to ensure that the native population had access to the state’s jurisdiction, programs and budgets and to international cooperation.

At the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she has served in the Foreign Service in Israel and China. She was also Director General of the State and Federal Liaison Office working in areas such as coordination and support of local, state and federal officials in international affairs. As Director General of Mexican Communities Abroad she coordinated actions that benefited the Mexican Diaspora all over the world and she also worked as DG of Public Diplomacy. From 2007 to 2015 she was Ambassador of Mexico in Indonesia and at present she is Ambassador of Mexico in India.

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