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Payment of the DNI Print

Payment of Non-Immigrant Right (DNI)

Foreigners who enter Mexico or who are travelling through Mexico should take note of the fees that should be paid.

1. For the entry by air of tourists, intransit travelers and businesspersons, the payment of fees is made trouugh the airline tickets.

Said payment is identified on the airline ticket with the initials UK wich corresponds to the DNI.

The traveler does not have to do any other payment in Mexico for immigration services.

2. For the entry by land or sea of tourists, intransit travelers and businesspersons, the payment for the fees must be done at the banking institutions during normal working days and hours. The banking institution wich has an office at the points of entry is BANJÉRCITO, nevertheless, said payment can be done at any other banking institution.

In the case of entry of tourists by land, there is an exception for the payment of fees when the entry is for a period not exceeding seven days within mexican territory. In the case when said period is exceeded, the tax must be paid upon exiting mexican territory.

The exception mentioned in the above paragraph does not aplly to tourists who enter by sea or for intransit travelers or businesspersons who enter by land for less than seven days.

3. For entries by land or sea of tourists, intransit travelers and businesspersons, when there are no banking institutions or when it is not during regular working hours or days, tha payment of fees is made directly to the immigration authority who should issue the form known as "Comprobante" (a receipt) which is proof of payment.

4. Persons intransit must do the payment each time they enter Mexico with the purpose of transiting to another country following the same procedure as indicated before.

5. The immigration fees are established by the Federal Law (Ley Federal de Derechos) and under the terms of said law the quotas are susceptible to change. The law establishes rules for the changes and the corresponding fiscal authority has to publish on the official gazette of the federation about any changes.

Additionally, in the case of the payment for immigration services, the updates are made known to the different regional delegations and administration of the Institute of Immigration (INM) by the coordination for administration and the information is also published on the INM's webpage.

6. The payments does not have to be done exclusively at BANJÉRCITO but it is the only banking institution that has a branch at the points of entry borders.

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